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An Open Letter to Men

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Dear Sirs,

There is a great need for men. Have you seen any? No, I'm not talking about boys, males, guys or bro's, I'm talking about men. On behalf of hundreds of God-fearing women, we need them to make themselves known. We need them to rise up.

The feminist movement swallowed women, but it seems like it swallowed men as well. I can't find the men. Oh sure, I can find males who are more committed to their video games than to a good job. I can find 30, 40 and even 50 year old's who would rather toss away a devoted wife than remain true to the vows they took. It doesn't take much effort to find plenty tough guys but it's becoming nigh impossible to find a gentle man. I've lost count of the bro's who know how to toss out a good pickup line, but the number of men who let wisdom speak is, sadly, low.

There's the "look-at-me-I'm-great" types, the "I'm-39-and-I-don't-know-what-I-want" types and the "I'm-just-here-for-the-party" types but the men with a servant's heart, the men who crave more of Jesus and the men who live for God's glory are nowhere to be found. There's plenty of abusers who have mastered an intimidating look, plenty of cowards who are skilled runaways and plenty more that are content with a LazyBoy recliner and a cold beer. But there aren't plenty of praying men with eternity stamped on their eyes and a holy fire burning in their heart.

I'm aware that women aren't much better. There are women who decline chivalry, who prefer to tell you what to do, who use their body to manipulate and use their tongue to tear you down. But sir, that doesn't change how you should be or what we need you to be. Maybe, just maybe, if women were to see more Godly men, we might just see a rise of Godly women too.

Many of us have been hurt by men, rejected by men and abandoned by men who knew how to make a promise but had no desire to keep it. We have had to be stronger out of necessity. When we look to you for help, we need to see more than a macho brotherhood, we need to see majestic manhood.

Where are the Moses' who will reject other gods for Mount Sinai? Where are the Davids' who will battle giants because they defy the Lord? Where are the Johns' who just want to be near to Jesus? Where are the Josephs' who will refuse the advances of women if it brings dishonor to God's name? Where are the fathers who lead their families? Where are the husbands who faithfully love and cherish? Where is the strength that comes from the indwelling Spirit? Where is the confidence that comes with knowing to Whom you belong? Where is the joy that draws others to the hope within? Where is the humility that permeates the Christian life? Where is the passion for truth, the abhorrence of evil and the love for others? Oh, how we want to see it!

Brothers, life is more than your truck, your job or your gym selfie. Love is more than an experienced touch or a well-rehearsed compliment and marriage is more than your name signed on paper at the courthouse. We need you to grow up, rise up and man up because if you don't.... we all suffer as a result. As one of many women scanning the crowd of "would-be's" and "wanna-be's" looking for a set-apart disciple of Christ, we need you to be a man.

With love from your sister,


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