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Where Joy Is:
Finding Joy in the Midst of Suffering

What happens when your life is turned upside down? What do you do when your reality collides with your theology? Hard seasons of suffering will knock on our door, upsetting our plans and, sometimes, altering our lives forever. When this happens, we have questions.

  • Why is this happening to me?

  • Where is God at?

  • How can I ever be happy again?

With vulnerability and passion, Kristen confronts the lies surrounding loss, shines a spotlight on the dangers of misapplied Scripture, and candidly shares her story of abuse, depression, and betrayal. Pulling back the curtain and exposing the raw pain of suffering, she points to the source of true and lasting joy.



"This book grabs you and doesn’t let go! Kristen flies you over the devastation that was her own “valley of the shadow of death,” and shows you the God who was there all along."


"I walked away from reading filled with joy and peace in my heart, and encouragement to continue in confident hope through the inevitably painful trials that come from this life."


"If you have walked through any season of suffering and wrestled with your faith (or even if you haven’t) this book is for you!"


"For anyone who has been through or going through life's struggles, this is book is invaluable."

The Purple Pickle:

                    - And the Little Girl Who Was Sad
                    - And the Boy Who Was Mad
                    - And the Girl Who Was Afraid

Each of us have our own story to tell about our own journey through pain and heartache, and we react to hardship in many different ways. Whether you are a thirty-three year old divorced woman who struggles with depression, a forty-five year old woman who is still healing from childhood abuse, or a little child whose life has been turned upside down for whatever reason, the truth is still sure: God is a God of joy! In Him and through Him, our joy is full - no matter what tries to "steal our glad."  


Rickle, the purple pickle, is a funny character sent by God, who reminds little children of this wonderful truth.



"This is a perfect gift for kids who are going through a hard time or simply learning to sort through any sort of emotions."


"This series of books address the darkest feelings that we often overlook. Wonderful rhyming scheme that makes the book enjoyable for young readers. If you do foster care, this is a MUST HAVE for the little broken hearts that come through you home!"


"What a wonderful, lighthearted story that touches on big emotions. I love that it brought attention to emotions that kids feel but may not have a name for."
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