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I'm Kristen.
I'm a thirty-something wife, momma, blogger, and redeemed sinner.

It was nine years ago, while in a deep depression, when God brought my eyes to Psalm 16:11 where the psalmist cried out to God and made this statement: 

Let's be honest, the world is full of brokenness.  We are tormented by anxiety, we are struck with illness and chronic pain, we suffer loss and experience trauma... in the middle of so much darkness, it is hard to remember the truth of Scripture.

The purpose of this little corner of the web is to elevate the cross as the true source of joy and to encourage you to seek Jesus with all your heart - in every season and in every circumstance.

" Your presence is fulness of joy." 

What do I write about?


Gospel-centered living


fear, trauma and depression


abuse, betrayal and identity


hope and helpful tips


kiddo training and child advocacy


affliction, loss and other hard things

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Psalm 23 for the Single Mom

As a single mom, it feels as though the word "change" is what sums up every single minute of our lives. One day you feel confident and the next day you are on your kitchen floor weeping. One day you feel like you are really making strides in your healing and the next day you feel like you're having to start the healing process all over again.


15 Practical Ways to Heal When You Have Been Betrayed

It happened. You heard about it, obsessed over it and finally proof was thrust into your hands. And you're devastated. Betrayal is one of the worst things that can happen in a person's life and the closer you were with the person who broke your trust, the more traumatic it is for you and the harder it is to for you to heal. But while it will take time and effort, healing can happen.


Get Up: How To Make It When You Don't Want to Keep Going

This is for the weary sisters. This is for you - hurting wife who doesn't understand. This is for you - fearful mama struggling to let go. This is for you - betrayed woman afraid and alone. This is for the grieving; the working and striving...



"I love Kristen's heart for the Lord and admire her faith more now than ever before. Her life has not been one of all roses and sunshine, nor would she try to pretend it has. Instead, she is open and honest about her story and still able to hold onto her faith in the midst of it all. That inspires me so much and is sure to inspire you, as well. If the reality of our fallen and broken world is one you are currently feeling the effects of and your heart is hurting, reading Kristen's words is sure to be a balm to your soul."

—  Rebekah Hargraves,
Author of "Lies Moms Believe" and "Finding Our Fulfillment in Christ"