with Kristen Lisemby Lee

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Why are we so afraid?  What are we afraid of?  Is fear controlling us? Is there any way to defeat it?


Is God trustworthy?  If so, why do we struggle to trust Him? How can we get past our fears and learn who God is to us?


Are we a lost cause?  Is our sin all that God can see?  Is there a way to move beyond our past and live a joyful life?


What is grace?  Does God remember our sin? What does grace look like from God and to others in a cruel world?

 confronting fear
Moving From Darkness to Light

In today's rapidly declining culture, the Church has embraced the belief that light and darkness can walk together. As a result, the world has lost its understanding of God's great salvation. In this opening session, we will take the Bible in hand and study the depth of our sin, the power of the cross, and the freedom and victory we are given through surrender to Christ.  

 understanding trust

Living Loved in the Midst of Uncertainty


All throughout Scripture there are stories of people who, while devoted to God, endured much hardship and pain. Often, we want the Savior without the cross, but in this session we will learn about the sustaining power of God's presence in the middle of uncertainty and loss. You will be encouraged as we study who God is and just what He is able to do when we choose to trust Him.


  leaving shame

Breaking the Silence and Exalting Our God

When the enemy attacks and sin infiltrates our world, it is common to spend the rest of our life hiding in the darkness. We forget that through Jesus Christ, we are no longer slaves to fear, nor are we victims. We are daughters of the Almighty God - redeemed and set free from sin and shame. In this final session, we will hear the powerful testimony of God's healing hand. You will be encouraged to come out of the shadows, to break your silence, and to praise the God who makes all things new.

  learning grace