Ellie and Her Worship

I have heard my Dad preach on worship for as long as I can remember. In the Bible, there are many different definitions but he always brings out two that are very rarely used. They are: 1. To kiss toward. He always says that a kiss is the most tender, personal thing two people can do and is held as such a special act. It, in itself, is worship. 2. To lick...as a dog would lick his master's hand.

The second is what I was reminded of just yesterday. We have two dogs, one of which is our little baby. Her name is Ellie and she's the cutest little mullins feist you'll ever meet. While my family and I were gone on revival, some friends took care of our "baby dog." Yesterday, Mom went to pick her up and bring her back back. Well, as I walked towards the door as Mom entered with Ellie in tow, Ellie went crazy jumping and running all throughout at house at full speed! She wagged and shook and pounced up and down, running circles around us and trying so hard to jump up and lick us. She seemed unimaginatively thrilled and amazed that she was graced with our presence.

Ellie worshipped us yesterday and, as I watched and laughed, I couldn't help but wonder why I don't do the same thing towards MY Master. All I do for Ellie is feed her, play with her, and pick her up whenever I find the time. I let her walk with me around the house and let her help occupy my lovely bed whenever she wants. And she worships me for it. She worships us all for it. When she does something she should not do, we spank her. Yet, she worships us still.

But Christ, who provides for all my needs, who cares for me so deeply that He sacrificed His life for my sake, who comforts, strengthens and directs me, does not receive that same kind of total adoration. I don't worship Him the way my Ellie dog worships me. It struck me yet again today...I have heard that definition all my life and am just now understanding and seeing this humble act in a new light. I needed to be reminded and...who knows?...maybe you did too.

Steven Curtis Chapman's song, "This Is A Moment Made For Worshipping" comes to mind when I think of this. This one line always gets me thinking:

This is a moment made for worshipping

Because this is a moment I'm alive

I fail miserably in that department. The last line says, for every moment that I live and breathe, it is a moment made for worshipping.

I need to burn that into my brain so I'll never forget and willingly dismiss a chance to worship. I guess I can thank little Ellie, huh? :)


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