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Womanhood Defined

When Culture Meets the Creator

by Kristen Lisemby Lee | June 1, 2019

Let's go back to the garden. 

God created heaven on earth and called it "Eden" which means delight.  He made man, Adam, out of the dust of the ground and out of man He made Eve. 


We know the story.  All was perfect until Eve ate the forbidden fruit and then gave it to her husband to eat.  When that happened, all of creation broke.


Eve is often looked upon as a disgrace.  She ruined it for us.  After all, this woman lived in a perfect world with a perfect man and was fooled by a talking snake.  She not only sinned, she convinced her husband to sin and in turn cursed all of creation and doomed all of humanity.  Good job, Eve.

But let’s take a closer look and examine our own hearts.  Eve was approached by a serpent Scripture describes as "more subtle than any other creature in the garden."  We can easily throw stones at this woman much like the religious crowd in the New Testament but tell me, do you converse with serpents?  No, none of us would sit and have a discussion with a monster, but we do allow ourselves to be fooled, tricked, misled and carried away by the whispers of the same smooth talking creature that approached Eve in the garden.  



The serpent crept up to Eve and preyed on her naivety and innocence.  He asked specific questions in specific ways in order to cause her own heart and mind to doubt the specific truth of God.  With each minute that went by in their conversation, Eve's trust in God eroded.  She questioned her identity, her provision, her capabilities, her worth and her purpose

Don’t we do that?  While none of us have been approached by a talking snake, we have all heard his whispers in our minds and in the culture we live in.  All around us, we hear echos of the serpent...


You deserve it.  God is holding out on you.  You are entitled to have whatever you want.  

You don’t need anyone and no one has any right to tell you what to do.  

Leave before you get left.  Take what you want before someone snatches it up first. 

Always be on your guard, on the offense rather than the defense.

Don’t show emotion.  Don’t show weakness. 

Don’t let anyone call you incapable or sensitive.

All of the lies that began at creation are still hurled at us every single day and they still end with the very summation of the devil himself:  Just do whatever you want

Keep in mind, Satan was never kicked out of heaven because of murder or other vile actions.  It was the sin of wanting what was not his that cause an angel of heaven to become the greatest enemy this world has ever known.

We have all fallen prey to the same lies in Eden.  And when those lies are followed by hard situations like a death or a breakup, or financial trouble or a health crisis, the lies are heard loud and clear and are much easier to believe.  Then we have the exact same dilemma as Eve in the garden.  


We get anxious. 

We ask Am I going to be okay?  Is God really going to take care of me?  What if what He lied to me?

We have an identity crisis. 

We wonder, Am I living up to my potential as a woman? 
Am I 
being taken advantage of because I’m not a man? 


Lies will always lead to chaos of the mind.  Always.  Lies do not bring peace.  Satan knew God had created not just Adam in His own Image, but Eve too; and for that reason, because he is the adversary of our hearts, he wanted Eve to be someone she was never created to be.




The serpent subtly convinced Eve that God's creation, God's design and God's protection were not good.  Clearly, he did a pretty good job  The fruit hanging from the tree obviously looked delicious and appealing.  Nobody risks all they know for rotten fruit.  Eve reached for The lies that we are told sound enticing at the surface.

The way God 

Submissive.  Chaste.  Virtuous.  Weaker.  Valiant. Loving.




The fruit:

Looked good.
Obviously tasted good.


The fruit pt 2:
External beauty looks good

Prestige looks good

Sin in all its varieties tastes good

Accolades and accomplishments taste good


© 2019 Kristen Lisemby Lee  ||   Where Joy Is